Fake Taxis Alert

In spite of the tightened control of taxi cars in Sofia, there are still fake taxis with significantly higher fare rates. There are also legal taxis that imitate the cars of the larger taxi companies intentionally. Some of them have regular rates, while others are significantly more expensive, relying on fooling foreigners or Bulgarians from other towns. Here are some pieces of advice how to choose a taxi and avoid getting scammed:

– Before entering a taxi car, always check their fare rates. They should be seen from the outside on the front window and the two back windows of the car. From Sofia Airport to downtown Sofia, for example, the total should not be more than 15 leva (7.5 euro, 10 US dollars).
 – The taxi driver is obliged to start the meter when you entered the taxi and to give you a receipt in the trip. The receipt must have information about the total length of the trip in kilometers, the total number of minutes waiting and the amount for each of these, along with the total amount. It is up to you whether you will leave a tip or not. The driver is obliged to take only the exact amount, which is on the receipt, and give you change if you give him more. Some drivers may act as if they should not give you any change back.
 – If you arrive in Sofia by bus, train or place, do not take an offer for a ride by random people. Move to the closest taxi stand instead. OK Supertrans is the only authorized taxi company to serve Sofia Airport and the Central Bus Station. If you arrive by train, the Central Railway Station is 100 meters away from the bus station.
 – Do not enter any car, which does not have a taxi car markings – a company logo, fare rates on the windows. All taxi cars are yellow, only Green Taxi has green cars. Do not trust drivers telling you that there is a fixed rate to a given destination. The meter should be working at all times when they drive you.
 – The maximum allowed rates in Sofia are 1.30 leva/km during the day and 1.60 leva/km at night (Roughly, 1 euro is 2 leva and 1 US dollar is 1.50 leva).
– Since OK Supertrans is the only company authorized to take passengers from Sofia Airport and the Central Bus Station, it is also the one imitated the most. To be on the safe side, ask for a taxi from their offices inside the airport and the bus station.