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Phone: 02/91263 , mobile – 1263

Transportation1,21 leva/km1,39 leva/km
Waiting0,27 leva/min0,27 leva/min
Call0,85 leva0,85 leva
Starting2,42 leva2,78 leva
91263 РадиоСВ Такси
91263 РадиоСВ Такси

About the Company:

RadioSV offers individual and corporate taxi services. They also offer transfers to any other city in Bulgaria and to a number of cities in the neighboring countries on the Balkans. A company driver can meet a person or a group and take them to a location of your choice (on Sofia Airport, for example). RadioSV has over 800 cars.


Headquarters :

Sofia, 25, Gorski Patnik str. , 1st floor:
Working hours : 09:00 – 17:30 , Monday to Friday
phone: +359 2 9630951

Call Center

Sofia, 20, Joliot Curie, 16th floor :
Working hours: 24/7, no exceptions
Manager – Emil Ignatov,
CEO – Dimitar Hristov,
Media/Advertising – Andrey Grozdanov,
Chief Inspector – Biser Terezov,

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