is a website where you can find information about the taxi companies in Sofia – phone numbers, rates, etc. To see more information about a particular company, just click on its name below. You can also check if somebody has left a comment about the quality of the services, or you can leave one. On the home page, you can see the main phone to order a taxi, while on the company page, you can see alternative phone numbers. You can also see the name in Cyrillic there.
The country-code for Bulgaria is +359, the area code for Sofia is 02 (or +3592). All prices below are in Bulgarian leva (BGN) per kilometer and per minute waiting time.
If this will be your first visit to Sofia, make sure that you check the Fake Taxis Alert page from the link on the right to avoid getting scammed.*
CompanyOrder onlinePhoneFare per km. (day/night)Starting fare
Waiting per minuteCall
ОК Supertrans Viber 97321211,22 / 1,412,47 / 2,78 0,39 0,99
RadioSVAndroid / iOS912631,21 / 1,392,42 / 2,780,270,85
Yellow Taxi 333Android / iOS911191,22 / 1,412,49 / 2,790,390,99
TaxiMeAndroid / iOS---1,07 / 1,242,19 / 2,490,310,89
Green Taxi---8108101,08 / 1,242,10 / 2,420,220,70
Mega taxiAndroid / Viber919991,22 / 1,412,49 / 2,790,390,99
Panda TaxiAndroid / iOS99821211,05 / 1,212,10 / 2,420,220,00
Taxi S Express---912801,05 / 1,222,10 / 2,420,290,96
RikarsAndroid911141,05 / 1,222,10 / 2,420,290,96
On Citytrans---08962226321,07 / 1,242,190,310,89

*The list above is not exhaustive and may not be accurate. Some companies may not be included due to a small number of cars or because they imitate other companies.
**Prices are not confirmed and may not be current.

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